These are Hefty, solid, comfortable chisels, that will soon become your favorite!
I designed these years ago for pianomakers, to hand notch maple bridges.
These were previously made of high speed steel blanks, but are now shaped
out of 1/2" x 1" Tool Steel, Hand Hardened and Tempered by Oil Quenching....
Holding a very nice edge under tough use. The steel mass allows for a steady
controlled cut... Just over 9" long... Hand turned handles of tough Delrin.
Turned bronze heavy duty ferules. A nicely balanced tool.

1" wide x 1/2" Chisel - $130-….…Item NC-8 ...(shown)

1/2" x 1/2" Chisel - $115-…...Item NC-4

Materials have changed, in efforts to make an overall tool that is easier for
the user to sharpen and manage, without losing quality, and a keen edge.
It also just makes the most sense in manufacturing and pricing.