Tuning - Sharpening
Irons matched to the
plane sole.
or remade if needed.
Sole Profile rework.

Custom Iron
made from
tapered stock
When requesting a quote
on tuning up a molding
plane, please note.
To assure that a new iron
will fit, or that an old iron
will work properly, the
plane may need to be
shipped to me for full
Your options for work
and approximate costs,
will be submitted for
your approval. When the
job is finalized, payment
will be required
before shipping .
Once a plane has been
fitted or sharpened, a
sample test piece of
molding will be cut and
returned with the plane.

In the event that you do not chose to have the
work done, return shipping and insurance costs
will be expected before returns are made.
Mazzaglia Tools is not responsible for loss or damage to any tools during shipping.