Plane Making Saw and File
Plane Saw
Great for intricate saw work, such as the mouth
of a molding plane… A handy brass tool fitted
with an easily replaceable, fine Japanese blade.
More controllable, less bulky, easy to handle,
and takes up less room in the work area, When
a tool like this is designated for a job, the edge
stays clean and sharp much longer, because it
won’t be used for cutting glued dowels and
other messy jobs.....
Approx 6" oal

Pro-filer - File Holder
A round file, permanently mounted to a custom
brass handle. Approximate size, 2" x 6-1/2"
Great for working into a deep profile. Allows a
grip and stability, where a regular file won't. The
brass hand hold doesn't restrict motion through
deep grooves in the middle of the work.
Designed for mating an iron to the sole of a
plane, and fine tuning the shape of a complex
profile in the sole. Comfortable and solid …!
(Available in 5- diameters)
$65 ea