Handcrafted from quartersawn stock.
Rounding over ribs is fast and easy with this
molding plane. Just measure the originals,
glue them on the board, and with a few
quick passes, the ribs are done.
Can also be done off the board.

Virtually free of chatter marks.
(Easy to use).
Hand Made from choice hardwood.
(Usually - Hard Rock Maple, or Beech)
Flame hardened tool steel cutter .

Instructions incl....

Rib Plane $125-

Made from 1/8" Aluminum.
The set contains two patterns,
one with a gradual slope for
most ribs and one with a steep
slope for the higher ribs.
ITEM # RS01 ......
Set $55-

Rib Radius Plane
Rib Scooping Patterns