Hand crafted from solid 1/4" brass stock.
Steel pins are accurately positioned, and
mounted into the punch body. Approx 4" in
length. Clearly stamped with their fractional
sizes. The set includes SIX punches.
Four are tri-pin punches, in the following sizes.
11/32" 3/8" 13/32" 7/16" One is a 5/16" bi-pin
punch, and the other a single pin punch. This
should be all you need to complete any bridge
capping job.

Other custom sizes are welcome.

6-punch Set ........$85-
Pouch included...
Item# TP-02

Tri Punches
Optional Bridge Pin Setting Tool
ITEM# PS-66 $15-
Made of stainless steel,
the tip is hollowed out so the pin
slides in and doesn't slip out.

TRI PUNCH SET ......... Item# TP-02

Correct pin positioning can make or brake the
sound of a custom rebuilding job. It will also make
all the difference in the world, when it comes to the
appearance of a perfectly notched bridge.

A newly capped bridge can be marked easily, and
accurately for drilling bridge pin holes, using these
custom made punches. Marking holes with standard
off the shelf punches, allows the marks to drift as
they are shifted by the grain of the wood. These
punches have multiple points fixed in place, to keep
the holes spaced evenly, and in line.